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Restricted Access:

Security is of paramount concern at Little Angels Day Nursery. With this in mind, we operate an access control system to protect children and nursery staff. This system will allow only authorized persons to enter the setting.

Parents will be required to keypad their pins at the door to enter the room for the pick and drop of their children. They can leave or collect their children without fuss, while unregistered visitors must await admission by a member of staff.



Little Angels operate CCTV throughout the nursery. This added security is there for the protection and peace of mind of children, staff, and parents. The presence of external cameras also acts as a powerful deterrent to any unwelcome visitors.

All recorded footage is stored and erased after a set period in accordance with our privacy policy. If you have any concerns, please speak to a member of our team who will be happy to assist.


Healthy Eating:

At Little Angels Day Nursery, fresh food is cooked on-site daily and is full of nutrients. We provide breakfast at 8 o’clock, Snacks at 10 o’clock, Lunch at 11:30 o’clock, fresh food at 3 o’clock and Snacks at 5 o’clock. Our wide choice of menus reflects the cultural diversity of our little diners and of course, we cater to all allergies and other dietary requirements. With family-style serving, we ensure that the eating experience within the nursery connects with the food you serve at home.

We offer a carefully designed mix of familiar foods as well as encourage children to explore new tastes and sensations. We will keep you updated with what your child likes and dislikes and will share our recipes with you if you would like to cook the same meals at home. We offer two home-cooked hot meals per day, as well as healthy snacks available at certain times during the morning and afternoon sessions. Babies have a separate weaning menu and we will work closely with you to ensure that the individual needs of your child are met.

We encourage the older children to develop independence by allowing them to self-serve their own food, and we aim to include educational elements wherever possible, by discussing the source of the ingredients and getting the children involved in mealtime preparations to create a happy, sociable experience.


Outdoor Play:

In addition to all of our indoor activities and facilities, the children go outside every day throughout the year for fresh air and exercise. Little Angels consider outdoor play to be an essential part of children’s learning and development.

We believe that children need lots of variety of play and learning environments as part of their development. Playing and having the room to run around outside will not only improve their physical health but will also stimulate their minds as they discover outdoor activities and experience the different seasons.